• Appreciate Your own Intercourse Golf swing -- However Do not Allow Children View it!

    Eeek! A German couple was mortified when a picture of them getting it on at a swingers club was found online by their teenaged daughter. I dont have a direct quote from the girl but most likely she said, Gross! Ew!

    The photo of the couple in the swingers club was supposed to have had their faces pixelated out but the company forgot to do it. It was an honest mistake. Nonetheless, the couple sued the club for pain and damages due to embarrassment but the judge came to a compromise. H.

    There’s no awkward feeling that some people get out of using a vibrator.

    Let’s start off about what this is going to do for him first. All too often, the toy is always about her pleasure, and it’s about time that a toy went both ways. The stretchy dual rings rest on the penis while toying with the balls a little bit. I couldn’t tell you from my own experience, but I can say from my man’s words that he was the hardest he had been in a long time. He lasted a lot longer than usual too. I’m thinking this had something to do with it after using it several times, then trying it without it. He apparently came pretty hard to, as his toes curled big time and I could feel every muscle in his body tensing up.

    Now what about for her? Well if you’ve ever played with your clit while having sex with your man, imagine a two-pronged assault on both your clit and vagina. The waterproof vibrator hits you every step of the way as he goes in and ou.

    st the spray over one week and report approximately how much she used and how many men paid attention to her. The exciting results are as follows...Day 1Amount of Spray Used: 2 spraysMen Count: 0Location: HomeDay 2Amount of Spray Used: 2 spraysMen Count: 0Location: Local pubs and barsDay 3Amount of Spray Used: 3 spraysMen Count: 1Location: WorkDay 4Amount of Spray Used: 3 spraysMen Count: 1Location: WorkDay 5Amount of Spray Used: 0 spraysMen Count: 0Location: WorkDay 6Amount of Spray Used: 3 SpraysMen Count: 3Location: Garage, Supermarket and a Friend's HouseDay 7Amount of Spray Used: 3 spraysMen Count: 2Location: Friend's HouseSo... Did it work?Do you feel sexy for summer after using the Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray?Before I started testing the product, I had imagined that guys would simply fall at my feet with desire! Clearly I was wrong about that, but I do think it has had some effect.I'm not sure if it was psychosomatic because wearing the spray made me more aware of people's reactions, but the fact that six different people were ultra friendly and flirty to me in one week was a big change to what I was used to and I put it down to the spray.I think Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray makes you stand out to men in the same way that having blonde hair makes you more noticeable. So, if you're a brunette wishing you were blonde because you think that blondes have more fun, get some of this spray and give it a whirl. It worked for me! And I'll continue to use it all summer until I find Mr Right (or Mr Right now)!

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