• Competitors Earn £100 free of charge Durex adult toys, condoms & intercourse lubricant

    Are you ready for summer? Do you have a beach body that youll be proud to display in a bikini or skimpy swimsuit?

    No, me neither.BUT (and its a big butt that cannot lie) Durex have come up with a stimulating and fun alternative to going down the gym every night of the week.Just hop into bed and do some Sexercise!

    Competitors Earn £100 free of charge Durex adult toys, condoms & intercourse lubricant

    Did you know that sexual activities can burn calories and also anal toys tone up your body at the same time? Its not like you needed any further reason to want to get down and dirty with your lover, I know.Getting a fit and trim body through Sexercise is just a bonus!

    As well as toning you up making you fitter, more confident and happier with your body, engaging in a sexual practice daily keeps your relationship magic alive and helps keep things intimate between you and your partner.Win-win.Its a complete no-brainer and I have even done a little research into how many calories various sexual activities burn.It will of course depend on your personal weight and how vigorously you do these activities, but its a great guideline to start.

    Sexual Activity Calorie Burning Chart

    Undressing yourself (or each other, preferably): 8-10 calories

    Kissing, smooching and snogging: 68 calories an hour

    Erotic massage: 80-100 calories an hour

    ate, handpicked by three of the worlds top matchmakers.1-year relationship!), he was ready to find love again, and the show was the perfect opportunity for a self-professed "awkward guy" who hadn't ever really dated after meeting his now ex-wife in the ninth grade.Ready .

    Competitors Earn £100 free of charge Durex adult toys, condoms & intercourse lubricant

    wetting my fingers I ran them between my hot (due to flu lol) pussy lips and over my clitoral hood.

    A few clicks of the plus button brought the vibe in to a very intense constant vibration.The firm construction of the shaft which is coated with soft silicone conducts the powerful vibrations rather cheap sex toys than dampening them.The buzz I was already feeling in my hands made me squirm thinking what it would do to my little button.

    I placed the curved tip on my clitoris and the vibrations began to ripple through me.Adding a slight pressure and rolling the tip from side to side was now doing the trick.The tell tale tingling had begun and I braced for imminent gratification.Another press sent me off in to another dimension, this vibe is so good at what it does.I know that sounds silly but soft vibes can lose a high percentage of their power, this little baby losses nothing.

    That final click did it for me and I was taken hostage by the largest clitoral orgasm I have had for a couple of weeks.I shuddered and convulsed and had to remove the tip as my clit became too sensitive to keep it in place.

    I felt so spent after using this vibe on my clit that I couldn’t bring myself to test it inside me but I have no doubts that it would be just as good at bringing me to climax.I’ll have to let you know another day.For now I feel sated sex and very, very happy.

    Competitors Earn £100 free of charge Durex adult toys, condoms & intercourse lubricant

    This vibe may not look anything out of the ordinary but let me add that it is excellent for clit stimulation and there is not doubting that it is powerful enough to bring off a seasoned masturbator like me, so it is bound to work for others.

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