• Dark chocolate Adore Component 2

    Then there was that time with the Chocolate Orange.He does seem to like perverting flavoured chocolate.Perhaps it is more the fact his chocolate preferences come in such handy segment shapes Anyway.I have mentioned my love of the combination of food and sex.Two great loves in my life fused together with kink and perversion for perfectly filthy fun.I had wondered why he had eaten all but a few segments of his Chocolate Orange, saving a few wrapped up still in the orange coloured foil on the bedside table.

    Dark chocolate Adore Component 2

    It happened again like last time.I was astride him, facing feet, pussy over his face, on all fours raised up so he can enjoy the view.I like sucking his cock from this direction, I find the angle greatly assists in getting him even deeper in my mouth.From the other side it’s difficult to achieve the angles required for deep throating.The curve of the roof of the mouth and the curve of his cock from this new direction means I can hold his shaft base in one hand, play with his balls and ass with my other hand, all the while getting him as deep in my mouth as I possibly can, actually swallowing on his tip when he is actually down my throat.I can control my gag reflex *really* well, however, he absolutely LOVES when I’m audibly gagging on him, not able to .

    arly SimonWe Are Never Ever Ever (Getting Back Together), Taylor SwiftHit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat BenatarGoodbye Earl, Dixie ChicksIrreplaceable, BeyonceYou Oughta Know, Alanis MorissetteI Will Survive, Gloria GaynorSince U Been Gone, Kelly ClarksonWritten by Chiara Atik.

    office chair whilst slipping my ass forward on the seat.

    Moments later the vibrator was nicely positioned between my pussy lips with its arched back sitting in the opening of my vagina and the tip pressed against my clitoris. I started to write this review and found that my instinct was to move gently from side to side, enabling the Eros to massage as well as vibrate my clit.

    Dark chocolate Adore Component 2

    It felt good and you would hardly know I was sitting on a vibrator. Girls you could take this to the office and nobody would know you were pleasuring yourself. But do be careful to come quietly. Lol? As I started to write the bullet notes for this review I could feel the tell tale tingling in my toes which proceeds my orgasm.

    Productivity failed at this point as I rested back against my chair, still continuing to wiggle my ass on the seat. Moments later I felt it…

    My screen was filling up with z’s and other erogenous characters as I twitched my last and moistened the gusset of my panties.

    This mini vibrator is fun to use and so discreet which is a bonus. The Eros would be a great buy for any level of user, simply adapt it to the level of play you enjoy, clitoral, nipple or frenulum if you are a guy. Alex enjoyed holding it against the underside of his cock as I finished off this review.

    The only downside to the Odeco Eros is the light indictor which can be erratic. I gave mine a full charge and once removed from the charger the light started to flash, which indicates that it requires another charge. However, if you ensure that you give it at least 2 hours charge you should be OK to go.

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