• Give him a sexy surprise when he's up a ladder!

    my blog Community members share their sex tips..."Surprise your loved one when he is up a ladder..

    we have them and I like the theater of sex.

    Give him a sexy surprise when he's up a ladder!

    There is plenty of playfulness and theater in leather lingerie and harnesses. Sexy underwear isnt limited to lace, cotton, satin go for leather! For instance, imagine yourself wearing this Ultimate Female Leather Body Harness (pictured).?It ramps up the kink level, and youll look simply smashing in it. The black oil tanned leather feels like butter against your .

    Pect rather more than that) its a great excuse to tell you to pop over to our site?and browse our thousands of items. Theres something there for ?you whether youre a man, woman, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, by yourself, in a couple or literally every other iteration of person there is!For the full breakdown of results from The Orgasm Survey or for any other Media requests, please wait for more posts...


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