• Is the Birthday celebration Upon Xmas? Choose Adult toys!

    Are you unfortunate enough to have a birthday on Christmas Day? Actor Humphrey Bogart was born on Christmas Day. I know people born on or near major holidays. They get cheated out of presents. Either that or people overcompensate and give them too much.

    My son is born on December 29 smack in the middle of Christmas/New Years week. He never suffered for lack of gifts. Since we were traveling so much that time of year there was no saying where hed be on his birthday. Most likely, everywhere.

    But back to Humphrey Bogart. The actor famous for The African Queen and Casablanca really was born on Christmas Day, although lots of people .

    ry for their loved ones, spending more than $3.5 billion doing so

    198,000,000 – the number of roses grown for Valentine’s Day, 110 million of which will be delivered in the three day period leading up to Valentine’s Day

    $116.21 – the average spending per consumer on Valentine’s Day

    $5.04 – the amount of money that the average pet owner will spend on their pet for St Valentine’s Day

    $3.41 – the amount of money the average person will spend on their co-workers

    53 – the percent of women who would dump their boyfriends if they didn’t get them a Valentine’s Day gift.

    Is the Birthday celebration Upon Xmas? Choose Adult toys!

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