• Manual: How you can make use of a good anal douche

    Whether youre experienced with anal sex or looking to add anal play to your bedroom repertoire, anal douches and enemas are a vital part of your toy box. Our How To Use An Anal Douche guide is a quick and easy starter for anal douching beginners and will give you all the basic info you need to get started.

    Designed to clean your anus before penetration (by a toy or penis) anal douches are a great way to help you feel fresh and confident, plus theyre a great way for beginners to get used to the feeling of an object in their anus.

    More often than not, any objections we hear to anal sex centre around cleanliness and the fear of being unhygienic but anal douches ensure that youre clean, fresh and theres little risk of ‘messy anal play.

    Traditionally anal douches are a plastic or silicone bulb that is filled with water and a removable nozzle that is inserted a small way into the anus. Although our douches range in size, colour and the amount of liquid they can hold, wed recommend the?Unisex Anal Douche?for beginners as its simple to use design and glow-in-the-dark tip allow for easy insertion.

    How to use an Anal Douche

    1.When first receiving your anal douche, make sure you remove all packaging and give it a thorough clean in warm water before the first use.

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