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    And so do we and we like the new art expo by Alison Wood thats coming to STB! this Friday!Naughty - but very very nice!Alison Woods pics are funky, flirty, and a little bit fetish. Shes captured a naughty, light-hearted view of sex, using digital prints to express a distinctly.

    tivation to get back on the exercise bike), Happy Ride turns any bicycle into a vibrating love machine.Simply slip it over the saddle, crank up the motor and you're ready for a thrilling ride indeed.ut is this fantastic fusion of our two favourite things really a good idea According to new data published by the Journal of Urology.

    s who have walked in their shoes and made it through the hardest years.Heres how it will work:Searches will be as simple as entering a zip code.Kids can find entries by folks just like them, whether in their own hometowns or around the globe.Contributors will tag their ethnic backgrounds and religious upbringings in their entry to facilitate effective searches.Additional tags for experiences like being deaf, blind, going through anti-gay therapy, or being HIV+ will also be included.No matter what, we want youth to see (literally!) that they are not alone, that their challenges can be overcome, and that there is a world of unconditional love and support out there.f you have an LGBTQ teen in your life who may need guidance or reassurance, theres a great book called Queer: The Ultimate Guide for LGBT Teens that could be just what they need.If you want to help kids understand the impact of bullying, there are two sites, Teens Against Bullying and Kids Against Bullying, that teach young people how to recognize and prevent bullying.

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