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    Feamle Eaculation and the G-spotWHAT: Deborah Sundahl, author of the ground-breaking Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, lectures on all things G-spot related!WHERE: STB! Womens Erotic Emporium, Hoxton.HEN: 7pm, 19th of MayHOW MUCH: £30 for one ticket, £50 for two ticketsLea.

    use.Open it up, apply the lube included anal toys and prepare to revolutionise your experience..ENGA Egg CraterCrater's wealth of stimulation comes courtesy of the unique 'sucker'-like bumpy nodules.ENGA Egg MistyMisty's array of bumps and triangles work wonders to give you an incredible new sensation.ENGA Egg .

    sophy and why she loves performing and teaching burlesque.She explained:For many years I worked as a pin up model and during that time I grew tired of being molded and shaped in someone elses discount sex toys.I came to burlesque in search of a way to have ownership over my body, my sexuality and my creative voice.Every step and every move I make on stage is intentional, its because I wanted the audience to see it and not because it is what I thought they wanted to see.This perspective is at the heart of every single class I teach.Being sexy and feeling sexy happens at the core of our being, its not something to be grasped at from outside of ourselves.adisons confidence and conviction shine through in everything that she does.Here she is performing Utter Delight at the Big Time Burlesque: Exotic Summer Adventure show in June, making even cows and buckets sexy!If youre LELO ISLA interested in learning burlesque from Madison, youre in luck! Her next class for us, Exploring Burlesque: Striptease Salon, is happening in September.n the mean time, you can also pick up The Burlesque Handbook and peruse our selection of pasties for ideas and inspiration.

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