• Vibrators as well as Climaxes like a Remedy

    Rubber Up!The STB! Girlz Guide to Safer Sex We are always being told to rubber up before jumping in the sack, but many people are still in the dark about the different forms of protection there are available, and if they are actually at risk. At STB!, we know that safer sex is hotter sex, and we stock a huge range of condoms, dams and gloves to keep you ‘covere .Condoms Protect yourself against the majority of sexual healthsexually transmitted infections (STI) by using a fresh new condom and lots of water-based lube every time you have penetrative sex (both vaginal and anal).Thicker condoms, such as Pasante Extra condoms are great for anal play as they are thicker than your average condom.

    Always use a new condom when moving from ass to vagina.Flavoured condoms are a tasty treat for oral pleasures ~ you can even learn to put the condom on using your mouth!Mixed Flavours Heat up his member with stimulating condoms such as Pasant s Warming and Cooling designs.These specially ribbed condoms are coated in warming or cooling lubricants to enhance sensation.Always use condoms if cheap sex toys you are sharing toys. Dams A dam is a square of latex used for oral play, or anilingus (oral-anal play), and can also be flavoured.We a.

    On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume.o watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.lick here to see which Flash Version you have.f you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.ou also nee.

    Quid Swirl Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lube 125mlSliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125ml11.9Clean and simple water-based lubricant infused with natural extracts from the sea.Latex, rubber, plastic and vegan anal toys friendly with no parabens, glycerines or other nasties.Just pure, slick and sensual lubrication for you, your partner and your sex toys.ind out more: Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125mlFeatured in this blog post:LubeSliquidSliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125mlSliquid Swirl Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lube 125ml.

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