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    Today were going to talk about bird sex.

    Yup, you read that right. You probably know humans have blood erections. Bet you didnt know so do sex toys reptiles. Until recently, it was thought larger birds like ostriches also had blood erections.

    Nope, turns out ostriches have lymph-based erections, which is a low pressure system that doesnt allow the birds erection to last long. So sex can be problematic. However, ostrich penises appear to have additional muscles that help them maintain a ha.

    rapidly and almost out of control without the proper medicine to treat it. What used to be passive aggressive behavior now turns into PicoBong KOA over this one subject. Instead of erasing messages, you’re answering the phone and arguing with the friend. Instead of forgetting to tell your partner, you’re questioning why they called at all.

    The easiest way to fix the issue is to talk with your partner. Don’t assume right away that something is going on with your partner and his/her friend. If you keep doing it, it will be like pushing him/her away. The next thing you know is he/she already made your assumptions come true.

    One more example is when you constantly find mistakes?by persistently focusing on your partner’s imperfections. Your partner told you about the mistakes he did, apologized, and promised not to do ben wa balls again. You said you forgave him/her but you secretly never forget. So you tend to bring it up all the time, especially when .

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