• Tokyo Style Setting G-Rocket

    Tokyo Design Mode G-Rocket

    I look at this rabbit style vibrator and can’t help but reflect on the obvious tendencies to emulate products from the producer Lelo.? But there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from a leading sex toy manufacturer.

    The Mode G-Rocket does bear a resemblance to a rocket, being able to stand upright on its 3 basal supports live the fins of a launch vehicle.? One can only hope it has great thrusters.? Lol

    This company is new to the cheap sex toy market and as such is intriguing as it has no long pedigree, but that just makes it new and naughty.?  

    Being based in Tokyo the packaging is interesting not so much in quality, the matt black outer sleeve complete with product image and multi lingual features information slips off to remove an internal box white box emblazoned with the Toyko Design logo.? But the packaging has some interesting wording for example “Ultimate Pleasure is fulfilled like magic.? It dedicates it to such all women all over the world and couples who has the desire”.? I find their pigeon English rather endearing.

    I felt the desire to stand the Mode G-Rocket on its three pronged base (rocket style) and discovered that it is quite particular about where it will co-operate in standing upright.? After several failed attempts I did manage to find a place on my desk where it was happy to stand pointing star-ward before whisking .

     are NO laws governing sex toy manufacturing or packaging, so they can tell you the product is made of whatever they want. Metis Black, (owner of Tantus Inc.) apparently confirmed that during a recent CatalystCon, where there was a panel discussing Toxic Toys and the need for regulation. And just for the record, Metis has been calling for manufacturers to become more responsible about their manufacturing practices for years.

    So why would a manufacturer tell you that a toy is silicone if it's not? Money, of course. Silicone is a very expensive material compared things like PVC, latex, or lesser elastomers, but sex toy buyers are increasingly demanding silicone products. Unscrupulous manufacturers count on the buyer being too ignorant to know the difference, and they do it so they can up their sales and/or overcharge for a Silicone toy that doesn't contain much (if any) silicone. After all, the lack of laws means they can print anything they want on the package. Even perfectly honest manufacturers can be passing off bogus products because some have no idea what they're selling. This is because some of them outsource their  toys' production to overseas companies  without properly overseeing the process themselves. In other words, they pay X amount of dollars for pure silicone toys, and the overseas company sends them not-so-pure silicone toys that were made at a cheaper price so that they (the overseas dudes) could pocket the rest of the cash. To make it even harder to be discovered, the overseas plant may actually send them a batch or two of pure silicone toys from time to time as well, especially at first. The so-called manufacturer is unaware that they've been screwed, and markets all the toys as being the pure silicone gems that they think they are. Either way, you do.

    ing these incredibly skilful bunnies who have become their intimate friends. Not only can they be used for solo pleasure but as part of partner sex, too. Lots of couples have learned to use these cheap sex toys during their sexual foreplays. And why not, why miss out on this tremendous opportunity to spice up your sex life!

    We would also like to pass on a bit of advice for you. When you get your new vibrating friend, invest in some pleasure gel, too. Use it with your bunny and we wouldn’t be surprised if you got so carried away that you fell of the bed!

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