• Pleased Valentine's Day time! Right now Mix The woman's Conceal

    Valentines Day didnt start out sweet with lovers giving each other gifts of chocolates, sappy cards with hearts and lace on them, and long-stemmed red roses. Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia from February 13 through 15. Men started the festivities by killing a dog and a goat. They continued their lusty play by whipping women with the skins of the animals they had just killed. Romans were drunk and naked, much like lovers end up today, but women lined up to be beaten with those animal skins. They believed the beatings.

    1. Don’t exercise in the cold or you’ll have a heart attack. While the cold itself won’t cause the heart attack, there is a line of truth to this myth. Going from a complete resting state to one of extreme exertion in the cold can be very unhealthy for your heart. (This is why you hear so many tales of heart attacks from shoveling snow.) How do you get around this? Warm up first! So before you head outside to have some missionary style loving in the snow, have some foreplay.

    2. Only arctic explorers and people who live outside get frostbite. Completely untrue! You can get frostbite in as little as 30 minutes. Frostbite is when a part of the body (usually extremities like hands, fingers, feet and toes) become numb, then blister from the cold. If you start feeling numb during your wintertime outdoor love making, .

    cluded:1. A loud fart2. "I feel sick"3. Someone else's name4. Children5. "Show me where your mother lives!" (Hat tip to all Ross Noble fans)6. "Pass me a duster, I see a cobweb on the ceiling"7. "Would you mind if I get a yoghurt?"8. Your mate breathing heavily in the corner9. Abba10. "Touch me harder, Tom Cruise"Take part in the newest my blog poll and you can see the answers here within the next few weeks!

    Pleased Valentine's Day time! Right now Mix The woman's Conceal

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